How To Seal



  1. Ensure surface is clean and bone dry
  2. Using a low pressure sprayer or lambswool applicator, apply 2 wet-on-wet coats from left to right, then immediately apply in the opposite direction.
  3. Ensure excess sealant is wiped off to avoid discolouration
  4. Additional coat may be applied to ensure complete coverage
  5. Always test product in an inconspicuous area before treating entire surface.


1Litre #JUSTSEALIT covers approximately 5 - 25m2 per Litre depending on the porosity of the material.

Dense materials
Bluestone, basalt, granite and polished surfaces | 1LT of #JUSTSEALIT covers approximately 10-25m2

Porous materials 
Sandstone & concrete | 1LT of #JUSTSEALIT covers approximately 5-15m2