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Embrace the natural aesthetic of your finishes with the product tested by time and the harsh Australian climate.

Ten years ago, we searched for a product to guarantee the best protection, and were tragically disappointed with what we found. So we decided to create our own. Since then, Prestige Surfaces have been using the #JUSTSEALIT products on all their jobs, ensuring the best quality finish.


What started out as a single product, our original #JUSTSEALIT sealer, has now extended to a large range of products for the cleaning, sealing and maintenance of your surfaces.


The first Prestige Surfaces sealer created in the laboratory over ten years ago originally came back at 98.5% enhanced durability – a pretty phenomenal number! BUT there was a catch – for only a few select stone products, this first product sometimes discoloured the surface.

Our dedication to our trade meant that we were never going to take a gamble with the beautiful surfaces our clients had chosen, so we failed that first sealer and the team went back to the lab.

After tweaking the solution, a premium sealer which provided breathability and protection, without ANY risk of discolouration was born. 80% enhanced durability was the magic number – a number scientifically tested in a NATA Accredited laboratory. The formula is so close to perfect, that it has remained unchanged in the ten years since it was created.



When our #JUSTSEALIT sealant went for testing to receive accreditation, the scientist testing it quoted in his results, “For a penetrating sealer, this performs exceptionally well!”. Our product increased durability in a safe way, and allowed the true beauty of the natural material to remain, unchanged to the naked eye. Further testing showed the drastic difference compared to unsealed stone, all undertaken in a controlled environment.

The difference with Prestige Surfaces, and the product we both use and sell, is the passion behind our claims. We didn’t set out to create a sealer, we just couldn’t find one that was good enough. We’re transparent about our costs and our product, because #JUSTSEALIT has been scientifically proven to be a superior product.

When you have a superior surface, it makes sense you’d only use a superior product.

#JUSTSEALIT Sealant provides exceptional protection for natural stone, tile and concrete all year round.

USE The sealing of all natural stone, tile and concrete - suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Exceptional protection for outdoor applications, such as outdoor / pool paving.

COVERAGE 4 Litres covers up to 40m2. 20 Litres covers up to 200m2.

DIRECTIONS With the right equipment, this product can be applied without the experts. Product is to be used undiluted on clean and dry surface, with two applications. If you'd prefer an expert, please contact Prestige Surfaces.